7 Free Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

7 Free Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

If you’re strapped for mullah, Valentine’s Day might be a little tight. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t still be memorable and romantic.

There are plenty of exciting and meaningful ways to express your love—as opposed to putting yourself in the poor house. After all, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating your affection for one another, and that means one thing: spending time together as a couple.

Here are seven romantic yet expensive ideas for Valentine’s Day…

1. Scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt can be a really touching and inexpensive way to spend Valentine’s Day. Plus, the game style and challenge of hiding little chocolates for your Valentine and give them sweet clues to find them is really a lot of fun! Keep it simple and cheap by writing clues on paper, using rose petals to make a trail, and using little candies, flowers, and chocolate kisses as tokens of affection.

2. Stargazing

If it’s a clear night nothing says, “You mean the world to me” more than spreading out a big blanket and cuddling to watch Nature’s light show.

3. Free concert

Trust me; your city will always have a free concert on holidays and Valentine’s Day is a big outdoor, classical holiday. So grab a blanket, brew some hot chocolate to take along in a thermos and cuddle up at the public outdoor venue for a little Mozart.

4. Free salsa dancing

Most clubs will host a free salsa night to try and get couples out to dance lessons at actual studios. So consult the internet to find a free salsa, swing, or ballroom dancing class in your city.

5. Dinner and a movie in

The days leading up to Valentine’s Day will feature a long run of romantic movies. So make dinner together, have a little wine, and snuggle up on the sofa with your sweetie and a bowl of popcorn.

6. Romantic hiking

Nothing gets the heart rate up as much as a romantic hike along a beautiful outdoor trail or beach. This way you can link hands, bring a romantic little picnic, and enjoy some good company, exercise and fresh air—together.

7. Revisit your “firsts”

Nothing is as romantic as a memorable day of “firsts” and by that I mean a little tour commemorating special moments—like your first kiss, the spot where you both first said “I love you”, listening to your first favorite song, and more!

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