My name’s Katie. I live in the North Carolina and refuse to pay retail for anything if I can avoid it. This is my blog where I share how I’ve learned to be smarter with money. From couponing, to DIY household projects and crafts, to teaching my kids how to be money wise.

I have been married to my husband Scott for 14 years. We have three children – Bella (age 10), Noah (age 7) and Nicholas (age 2). And we’re good with that amount! We also have a dog named Lacey and a cat named Snowball. AKA we have one FULL house!

I’m addicted to Pinterest, though sometimes the stuff I try to make definitely belongs on Pinterest Fail! Haha! I love chocolate, Bon Jovi and crossword puzzles – and we are definitely a Nascar loving household! I also am guilty of watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians (I can’t help it!)

While it’s usually me that posts here on the blog, I also have gathered up a few co-contributors (and am looking for more, so contact me if you’re interested – katie at tipsonhowtosavemoney.com)


Emilia and I met on a message board way back in the day – and she knows a thing or two about saving!

Emilia FosterI’m Emilia, but most of my friends call me “Little Ms. Frugal.” I’m always on the hunt to find ways to save money, and enjoy couponing more than any sane individual should. If there?s something new on the market to help you save money, I’m interested in it. When I’m not focusing on staying on budget, I enjoy rock climbing, going to the salon (with coupons of course), and spending time on the river on my (used, natch) jet ski!