4 Reasons to Buy Groceries in Bulk

4 Reasons to Buy Groceries in Bulk

Did you know that food packaging makes up about 8-percent of the cost of food? That is why buying in bulk is positive for the environment and beneficial for your pocket book at the same time.

Here are four very convincing reasons, both environmentally and economically, why you should buy your groceries in bulk…

1. Cut down on waste

When you consider all of that food packaging—plastic containers, paper bags, bottles, jars—hat ends up in your trash from all of those smaller packages it makes sense that if you buy in bulk (larger portions) you’ll also cut down on the amount of packaging.

And, if you’re buying at a bulk store where you can select your bag and amount, there is also a possibility for you to bring your own reusable containers and jars. As long as you have the shelf space, you can considerably reduce waste by bulking up your grocery purchases like this.

2. You’ll eat at home more often

If you have more food on hand at home, chances are you’ll eat more at home, right? I live by this rule and so tend to buy in bulk so I constantly have the ingredients on hand for baking and casseroles.

This way, I’m able to whip up a pasta salad or homemade soup when hunger strikes instead of dialing up food delivery, and making my own food at home greatly reduces my weekly food spend and ensures I’m eating healthy, wholesome foods.

3. Consider emergencies

If you tend to purchase a lot of dry foods—beans, spices, teas, rice, pastas—like I do, you can really benefit by purchasing long shelf-life foods in bulk. These types of foods are not only ideal to have on hand during an emergency (i.e., a freak storm or physical ailment); it will also save you a lot if you can stretch the use of foods over a long period compared to those that need refrigerating.

4. Reduce shipping costs

It’s basic common sense really: if you purchase food in larger quantities, store owners can ship more at one time, considerably reducing the amount of shipping costs.

Plus, if your family personally buys in bulk, you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing your trips to the market, which saves considerably on gas and shipping your groceries home.

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