14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $20

14 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Under $20

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means that every store in town is slapping a heart on their displays and doubling the price right before your eyes!
For many of us, this celebrated day of love comes with a lot of stress. What do you buy for the person you love most—especially if it’s a new relationship?

The good news is that we are about to help you narrow down the abundant supply of gifts out there with a few very classy, economical, and romantic options that will certainly make your sweetie swoon.

Here are twelve Valentine’s Day gift ideas for under $20…

1. Used classic vinyl

Even if you’ve only known your sweetheart for a month, you’ve probably heard tales about the embarrassing bands they loved in high school. Scour the used vinyl binds at yard sales and markets for that favorite, corny band he or she was so smitten with. It’ll cost you less than $10 and you’ll get bonus points for your note-taking skills.

2. Create a playlist of love

Gone are the days of the cheap mixed tape! We are lucky that we’re in a digital music age where we can create a custom playlist and download it onto a USB drive. So go old school with your idea, but new age with your effort by creating a romantic playlist and downloading it on a snappy USB for under $15.

3. Adorable undies

Not only does this gift serve double purpose—it’s thoughtful and you’ll probably get to see your significant other in them later on—this time of year you can find plenty of silky, lacy, heart bestowed boxers and undies.

4. Naughty dice

For a little less than $10, you can create a whole night of naughtiness with some fun, bedroom-appropriate dice!

5. Dear diary…

Not only is this a very thoughtful gift (especially if you write a personal inscription on the first page), your sweetie will probably use this journal to write sweet details about you and keep track of your dates. Plus, you can find some really cute journals for under $20.

6. Tender words of love

If you can’t contain your love for your lover, let it flow out onto a page or a few. Create a touching love letter to let your sweetheart know just how important they are. This is great for those who can’t quite say it out loud. And you can scent your paper with your own perfume or cologne and still come in under $5.

7. Bubble bath

Nothing quite says romance like a bubble bath. Create a foamy basket for your baby with some assorted, scented bath supplies for less than $20.

8. Candy bouquet

A sweet gesture for you sweetheart can come in the form of a candy bouquet—chocolate flowers, candy hearts—or better yet, both!

9. Pages of love

If your love bug is an avid book worm, there’s nothing better than gifting a book from their favorite author. You can find editions for well under $10 each at a beloved used book store.

10. Luxurious reed diffuser

Most of women, and men for that matter, love things that smell good—especially if the scent reminds them of you. Pick a candle or room diffuser in a scent reminiscent of your first date or your body wash.

11. Rom-com heaven

There’s nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with a warm blanket and a mushy flick.

12. Sensuous massage oils

Find the perfect fragrance for your partner and massage your sweetie’s shoulders following your Valentine’s Day date.

14. Heart shaped desserts

There’s nothing quite as nice as a sweet treat for your sweet treat—so bake up some heart shaped brownies or cookies.

15. Photo album

For a gift that really makes them gush, assemble a photo album to memorialize your love.

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